Friday, August 31, 2012

Beta #1

Beta #1 came in Wednesday night at 236! and my progesterone level is 130! When the RE called he said. I got your results and you are very pregnant! He has no concerns as of right now. I went for Beta #2 this morning. I am so excited but still very nervous at the same time.I have such mixed emotions right now. I am so happy right now that I am terrified. Please send doubling beta vibes my way. Hoping for good news this afternoon.

My RE wants me to continue my progesterone gel, estrace pills and baby aspirin. Cross your fingers bloggies!! I cant believe it! Still in shock.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So this is what it feels like....

To get a Positive Pregnancy Test! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So last night, my husband was so upset from me basically telling him IVF #! failed. As you know I had horrible cramps the last two days. I felt like any minute Aunt Flo was going to come but she never showed.  So as we were cooking dinner my husband leaves. Yes, just leaves the house. He was running to the closest Walmart to get a Pregnancy Test. He came home after his home made stew was now cold and was like "Pee on this." I replied, "Honey, you have to wait till morning." He didn't care, he kept on hounding me and hounding me until finally i caved and tested. I peed in a cup and he took it in the other room. I knew it was going to be negative but I heard this weird sound come from the bedroom. It was the mixture of a sigh, laugh and cry all at once. I asked him, "What... What does it say?" and he started crying and said it worked. You are pregnant. I was in shock that a pee stick with my pee on it could be positive. I have prolly seen a million pee sticks with negative results this was new to me. I didn't really know how to take it. Plus its early. But I did another one this morning and it still reads the word... "Pregnant"..Wow so this is what it feels like........ I will confirm my positive test with my beta results tomorrow. Trying not to get to excited........but I am a little:)

Monday, August 27, 2012


I am seven days past a five day embryo transfer and I have some serious cramps going on. I am praying its a good thing. However, I am used to cramps resulting into to a BFN's. So cross your fingers bloggies! Beta is Wenesday.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Egg Transfer Done

Egg Transfer is complete! One perfect blastocyst is hopefully find a cozy spot to snuggle into my uterus as we speak! The Egg Transfer was really cool except for the full bladder, I thought I was going to burst! They had to do a stomach ultrasound and oush really hard on my bladder while the doctor was placing the cathiter in the correct spot. It was very uncomfortable. However, it was so cool. They had relaxing music playing, the lights were dim, it was a very relaxing setting. Everything looked perfect. I have to say the ET was not bad at all. Now we wait. Here is a look at our perfect little rockstar:)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Egg Rrtrieval Done!

Ok, what a whirl wind the last couple days were. Yesterday was egg retrieval and they got 11 eggs. I was kinda bummed, i thought i had around 20. They got 11 and fertilized them all with ICSI. I guess by the look of DH's sperm motility and the lack of eggs he did not want to take any chances and used ICSI on all of them. Out off 11 eggs. 10 were mature and 6 were fertilized. One was fertilized abnormally so they have 5 embryos they are culturing for a 5 day transfer on Monday. I would be lying if i said I wasn't nervous. It scared me that we only have 5 to work with.

The Egg Retrieval Experience was great. we got there an hour before. i changed into my gown, hair-net, and booties. They put my IV in it didn’t hurt at all. they did it my arm not my hand thank god. They even came in and gave me something for my nerves. At that point i felt wonderful. I has things stuck all over me, and IV in and was brought to a room where they do the procedure. I saw these huge black stirrup things. My legs were way up in the air but it was quick as soon as i put my legs up my doctor told me to think of a beautiful beach somewhere and that’s all I remember.

I remember waking up listening to the nurse tell my husband about all the meds i will be taking form this point on. Thank goodness no more needles! Apparently the doctor came in and explained to me we got 11 eggs and he was going to use ICSI and I guess I was asking a bunch of questions i already knew the answers too and i have no recollection of that at all. Whatever meds they gave me worked great :)

DH was perfect. He was by my side the entire time. He was so worried about me. I hate when hes worried about me when he has to perform...u know. We need his sample to be good. Don’t worry about me just put me out of your head and do what you need to do.

My mother in law came over after to help, she folded clothes and made me some soup. I was able to rest all day it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I feel a little campy and a little bloated but not bad. I had barley any spotting or bleeding. No pain really at all. A little uncomfortable but i am back to work today and I feel pretty good.

I have to say my experience with IVF up to this point has been ok. I am very tired. There are so many doctors appointments, blood work appointments, ultrasounds, its exhausting. But now the mental and emotional part is coming in. I am asking myself so many what ifs and im sure it will be like that for the entire 2 week wait.

But if you are thinking you aren’t strong enough to this... trust me, you are. My DH reminds me everyday how strong I am and how good I am doing.

you get do it bloggies;) you def can:)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 7 of Stims....

Ok, so today is Day 7 of stims and I feel pretty good. I am very bloated and I actually contracted a urinary track infection:( But I am on antibiotics and they will not effect the stim medication, thank god. I am tired and a little dizzy but nothing major. As i have said before, Clomid is much worse. The Menopur still burns very bad, its the only injection I hate to get.The other two are not bad at all compared to that one. It isnt the poke of the needle that hurts it is the medicine going in the body that hurts. So I have another ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully everything will look good and we will trigger Sunday night! I am so done with these injections, I am used to them, but I still dont like them. Wishing all you bloggies a nice weekend! I will update you after my appointment tomorrow.

Sunday is my nephew Maxim's Birthday. Happy 4th Birthday Maxim!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On Day 4 Stims!!! Doctors Appointment tomorrow!

Hey Bloggies:)

I am on my fourth day of stims. I have to say I feel pretty good. I feel bloated but that's really it. My sides are soar and I feel like I have to pee every five minutes. But for the most part Im ok. Clomid was much worse. So for right now Im feeling ok. Im more worried about whats to come as it gets closer and closer.

Ok, so the Menopur and Gonal F arnt to bad... The Menopur sucks. I am going to be honest it burns so bad. But its quick and it goes away after a few minutes. It is totally tolerable. The Gonal F Pen is fine. It sucks that you have to push the plunger in so hard.

I am hardly bruised at all. i am getting excited and nervous. My doctors appointment is tomorrow and I am just praying my E2 level isn't sky high. I do not want to get canceled now.

I am doing ok. Dont worry about the shots, they are not that bad. I know its easier said then done. You will see if you end up ever using them. I did however stop excersizing, Im to scared and bloated to Zumba anymore but thats ok...:) Its a nice break;)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's Something New Everyday...

Today I am spotting. I feel as though AF is about to come. This is so strange because I just had a period and now I feel like I am getting another one. RE says it is very common when your estrogen level is dropping to have some minor cramping and spotting. Joy... I feel like I have had my period for a month! My poor hubby.

Just annoyed today....