Tuesday, October 23, 2012

12 weeks :):)

Bambino is now the size of a plum can you believe it! Joey and I are getting more and more excited each day that passes.  My friend, Amanda, let us borrow one of those at home dopplers... we sit in bed at night listening to the baby move around, we found his/or her heart beat a few times.. its hard at this stage but gets easier as the baby gets bigger. I have my First Trimester Scan next week on the 29th. I am also on vacation from work so that will be so nice. A whole week off. I love it!. I have still been suffering from nausea. It comes in waives. One minute your fine and the next you are running to the nearest  bathroom. The other day someone was smoking near me and I puked. It was awful. But I have to say I only got sick 3 or 4 times out of 12 weeks so thats not to bad. Everyday I feel like I am getting better but I guess ya never know when your pregnant. No other symptoms. My boobs are hugs. My stomach is def starting to show. I bought my first pair of maternity pants on Saturday. They arnt all that bad. i will post a few belly shots soon. I hope everyone is doing and well with their Infertility meds.. and staying strong.. it will happen...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 Weeks

Today I am ten (10) weeks and I am getting so excited! I cried at the ultrasound like a big baby because I saw my baby moving and waiving and kicking. It was amazing. I graduated from my RE and now I am off to my real OB. I am so thankful and happy. I cant belive I am here. I never thought i would be this far, I never thought I would be carrying a baby.. Joey and I couldnt be happier:)