Tuesday, February 19, 2013

29 Weeks

I apologize for not updating more often. I have been so busy with work and getting my house in order by the time I sit down at night I am so exhausted that I cant even type. Everything is going pretty good. My feet swell everyday by 5pm but my blood pressure is fine so the doctors are not worried. I passed my Glucose test but unfortunately I have gained ten pounds in one month! So they basically put me on a Paleo/Mediteranian diet and I am so upset about it. I don't even eat that much! I love carbs! I hate depriving myself of things I love but I do not want to gain another ten pounds next month so we will see.I am going to try this diet for two weeks and see how it goes. I have suffered a little RLS ( Restless Leg Syndrome) but it has been not terrible. I still go to Prenatal Yoga once a week. I have a little acid re flux nothing major. For the most part everything looks great.

Joe and I took Maternity Pictures last week. It was freezing. I think it was like 20 degrees. I had my make up done it was the first time I felt pretty in months. They put these individual fake lashes on me, I loved them!
I did not do any naked or bare stomach ones ( it isnt my cup of tea), I think these show our happiness and the beauty of pregnancy just fine.

So this week, I will try as hard as I could to lay off all the carbs, and snacks I love ( ice cream, candy, milkshakes, ice tea, cookies, bagels, pasta, etc.) and concentrate on eating healthy.