Monday, June 11, 2012

My Cup of Tea Leaves~

 On Saturday I had my tea leaves read by a Tea Leave Reader. It was a really cool experience. One of the first thing she said was she sees Rabbits in my cup. That means she see's a pregnancy. She see's a pregnancy very soon., 99% sure I will have babies:) She told me not to be scared, she said my fears for IVF are for nothing, she said nothing bad was going to happen. In fact, she sees me with Three (3) babies. Now my DH is not convinced but at this point my little heart is desperate and anything anyone says to me helps. She aslo knew about many other things no one else would know. I am a believer...:) Just thought I would share..

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Switching RE's

This week Joey and I decided to switch RE's I loved my old RE but he left the Practice we were originally signed up with and I was driving 45 minutes out of the way just to see him. So we decided to meet with an RE yesterday and we had a really good feeling once we left there. He would for the most part do exactly what my old RE was going to know, except he would tweak the medicine a little bit...but we are comfortable and confident with this new RE. At this point, I dont know if any of the decisions I am making are the right ones, I have to just take a chance. But we are excited to start a new journey with this RE. So, I would start the BCP next cycle, so stims would start in July and ER and ET would be in August. So this month, I'm going to TRY relax!