Friday, March 15, 2013

32 Weeks and Swollen!!!!

Ok so I hit 32 weeks and so far everything is going good except for two (2) things. The first thing is my back, I pulled it out a couple weeks ago and it has never been the same. The second thing is very bad swelling in my feet. By the end of the work day it feels as though my feet are just going to burst. My blood pressure is fine so my doctor is not concerned. Besides from being uncomfortable and an inconvenience i guess it’s not that bad and very normal for some people.

I can’t sleep at all. All she does is kick, kick, kick! I just want a good night sleep but between the peeing every 20 minutes, the kicking, my back hurting, it’s just not going to happen but I am so sure she is going to be worth all of it.

Here is a pic of my poor feet!
My husband calls me Proffesor Klump! So funny... I know

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