Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Level 2 Ultra Sound looked Great!

Ok so Friday we had our Level 2 Ultra Sound done at Yale New Haven Hospital. It was such a cool experience. We were able to see such cool images of our baby girl. We were able to see the valves in heart and all her organs and confirmed everything looks perfect:):) Joe and I were beyond relieved and so happy. We are just so happy are baby Girl is doing well. Its been a long road and tomorrow I am 23 weeks and I am just so grateful everything is going the way it is.

Now the fun begins, my mother is planning a shower for first week in April. I am starting to look on pintrest for cool ideas and its getting so exciting! Joe and I started registering last weekend and we are having so much preparing for our little girl.

One thing we are having problems with is her name! I love Scarlett my husband calls her Bella everyday already, we both like Annabelle but I am not crazy about the name Ana. So we are still open to new names, his newest suggestion is Brielle. So who knows? But naming a little girl is hard lol


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  1. Jackie,
    I have followed you on the bump and I love reading your blog. You have been nomiated for a Liebster award.